Thursday, January 19, 2006


Really accurate interesting reflections on the issues of the week which I will look forward to regurgitating to my friends.

Well done. Really enjoyed it, though thought the sound quality could've been a bit better and it could really have been another ten minutes longer. Also it didn't seem like it was edited which was good.

A Guido monkey theme tune at the beginning and the end wouldn't go a miss.

It would be great if you released them weekly after pmq's as there is probably the most 'fresh in the mind material' to talk about then.


Hard hat on regurgitating Kennedy – Excellent.

The magic tragic trick is a very clever thing I never picked up on.

I can't believe what a hard time you were giving oaten! I honestly think he's the best of a bad bunch and showed the rest of them up on the joke of a sky news event.

Not sure abut the fumbling firemen".


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