Thursday, January 19, 2006

"Ok, I liked it.

Just a few points:

* I think it's a little bit too jokey, it should be dryer, you both seems to be laughing at each others jokes a bit too much and then we miss what's being said.

* It should be more structured, Leo Blair kept coming up, deal with him and move on.

* Personally, I occasionally found the language a bit too risqué and vulgar (which makes listening to it in an open plan office a wee bit tricky!), I don't mind the odd swear word, think you might have gone a bit too far with Mark Oaten (paedophile) and I didn't really need to be reminded of Rebecca Loos...

* On the whole I found it was almost more "childish" than your blogs, I was expecting it to be more slick, sarcastic, dry and bitchy.

But on the whole I liked it, so keep it up and don't be put off".


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