Thursday, January 19, 2006

"Great stuff. About time we had one of these, and you're the right guys. I presume that between you, you can sort out XMLing a syndication feed so people get it automatically?

So, I like it - but I presume you're looking for suggestions rather than praise, so here are some half-formed thoughts, written while listening.

* setting: listener instinctively wonders where it is. thoughts: go abstract (inobtrusive music underneath)? or set it somewhere (a pub, occasional reference to getting another couple fo drinks)?

* play up distinction between "characters" - "so Fathers 4 Justice is a branch of MI5 now, is it?" very good, so why not play up the sceptical one vs speculative one or scurrilous one vs cautious one dynamic?

* listener also doesn't know how long it is - consider silly stings (ding the bell for the PR coup of Leo, honk a horn for the imminent demise of Ming,etc?)

* establishing and consolidating nicknames (eg Basher Davis) a nice hook

Good luck with it all!"


At 5:31 PM, Blogger alanconnor said...

Very insightful feedback, there.


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