Friday, January 20, 2006

"First thing to say is I enjoyed the podcast enormously. I had a smile on my face throughout and there were a couple of 'laugh out loud' moments. Definitely something to keep doing.

More specifically here are some comments on what worked (and what didn't).....

* The quality of the recording was not great - may be down to a low quality microphone but worth looking at improving if you can.
* Speak a little slower - a couple of times it was hard to keep up (at least without the benefit of a few pints!). Could also edit in some v small pauses between topics or after 'punchlines'. Only needs to be a 0.5 second gap but will make a big difference.
* Loved the content. Right on the button and well delivered. I loved the anarchic style (reminiscent of Gervais & Marchent in their XFM days) & the way there was obviously some notion of a script/topic list that was quickly overtaken by the train of thought. The list 99 bit was not as strong as the rest, may have been better to edit that forward a bit and end with the Lib Dem stuff which was much stronger.
* The audio ended quite abruptly (unless it was just my PC playing up) - a gradual fade out of the two of you talking would be a nice touch & would signal what I perceive as the strength of the podcast - the fact that you probably would be talking about this stuff without the microphone but you have let 'us' in to your conversation.
* I'm not a lawyer (thank the lord) but may worth checking out if you should really go on record calling Ming an "Evil Shit" or suggesting Kennedy did shit his pants (at least after his 6th birthday - before then he could be forgiven). Keep it in if you can - but would prefer not to have to go out in the cold to protest for your release!

Hope that helps, I genuinely enjoyed the content & style so take the stuff above as well meant observations and keep up the good work - both written and oral!"


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