Friday, January 20, 2006

"This is something the world has needed for a long time. I’m sure comments about the sound quality have been made by those more expert than I, so here goes on some more artistic points:

Its needs a bit more structure. Introduce different topics of discussion with a voice over or a bit of a jingle. Perhaps you could end with a regular feature? A song, a prize for the worst political decision, etc.

Different voices. My ears are admittedly not the most perceptive, but I can’t tell the difference between your voices. And I’d like to.

Cut to the chase. There’s a bit of unfunny waffle that creaps in sometimes (eg. in introducing the brilliant idea of list 99 for government ministers there was no need to talk about firemen). You’ll be doing that anyway if you are making it shorter.

Theme tune/Jingle. If it’s recorded in the Red Lion could you use the background noise of the pub as a jingle?

Good work, keep it up".


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