Friday, January 20, 2006


I like the concept - we've needed this in Westminster for quite a while, I feel. The two of you 'bounce off' each other quite well.

A few thoughts for change:

* Jingle all the way! Music, gimme music
* Needs to be more structured. At the moment it's like listening to a couple of hacks chatting the Red Lion, which is fine, but I'd rather be told at the top of the Podcast what it is I'm about to listen to
* Cut down on the swearing, you foul mouthed little cunts. Didn't your mothers teach you manners?
* In the long run you may well need guests of some sort to liven it up. Though I naturally love you both and would gladly offer you the use of my man bits, I could get a bit sick of hearing only your voices
* Sound quality is awful - is it necessary to record it in a toilet?

These are minor quibbles. The concept is great, it should be a huge success, and Mark Oaten'll sue you to hell and back. Keep up the good work".


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